// artist, writer, claims to be a performer //


tpetch is recent gradutate of the university of michigan, fresh, cynical, and ready to hack it as a real adult(tm). he works in a wide variety of media, including traditional illustration and printmaking, arcade machines, comics, and essentially everything else too. he's a weird kid that's gotten older but hasn't grown up, he's still obsessed with the delirious histories of cartoons and comics and video games and pop culture--he considers himself a historian of such.

his work deals with a few specific things: the treatment and aestheticization of violence across these media, and the psychological ramifications of such as explored through characters and world building; a popular fascination with the aesthetics of villainy and the monstrous, and what makes them so appealing; and a mechanical exploration of storytelling, particularly in the form and layout of comics, and the control interfaces and mechanics of video games. you'd be hard pressed to get him to admit it, though (depends on the day and humidity).

his goals are small, and all he really wants from this art garbage is wealth and celebrity status. look at his work and feed his ego.